Research Development

Leading technology

      After more than 20 years of technical precipitation, the United States Kang was identified as the provincial soft capsule R & D center (certificate) Guangdong Province soft capsule food engineering technology research and development center.

      Technology research and development using traditional Chinese medicine theory and nutrition theory combined to develop a new generation of health products for human physique.

Large-scale production base, technology is mature

      O-day production base has 100,000 health clean plant, professional GMP standards for production operations, products through SFDA certification, with soft capsules, hard capsules, solid preparations, fudge and other production lines, the production capacity of up to Soft capsules 10 million, solid preparations 5000 kg, more than 1,200 kg of soft candy.

After 20 years of technical precipitation, Mi Kang has mastered a number of leading technology

1. Chewing soft capsules production technology --- to solve the unpleasant odor caused by the composition of the taste is not good, and the other products are easy to eat, without the characteristics of water.

2. Plant gum soft capsule production technology --- is a plant source, suitable for vegetarians, religious believers; compared with the use of animal rubber production products can withstand higher temperature characteristics, to facilitate the storage and transportation of products;

3. Soft capsule to prevent adhesion production technology ---- to solve the animal glue soft capsule products in the existence of the existence of adhesion phenomenon, to ensure the quality of the product.

4. Metal mold sugar-free candy production technology --- the use of metal mold equipment production, prepared than other manufacturers of starch mold equipment taste good candy products, and other sugar-free type is not just diabetics, but also with anti-tooth, to prevent The effect of obesity.

5. Special dietary food production technology ---- using a unique technology to solve the results due to the composition of the unpleasant odor caused by poor taste, better for infants and young children, children's tastes.